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Latest Shenanigans

  • Adopteen Camp-Conference Registration NOW OPEN!

    Come hang out with us for the summer of a lifetime!
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  • Adopteen Leadership Applications NOW OPEN

    Join our team and apply to serve as an Adopteen Leader for the 2017-2018 year!
    Ready, Set, Go!

  • Adopteen Midpoint Retreat 2017 Registration NOW OPEN

    Join us this winter in Portland, OR as we venture out to the Pacific Northwest!
    Register Today!

  • Adopteen 2017 Core Event Dates Announced

    Mark those calendars! We have our AdopTween, Adopteen, and AGBOST dates all set for 2016-2017!
    Get in on the fun!

  • Adopteen 2016 Summer Wrap-Up

    Have you been keeping up with our travels this summer?? If you haven't, just know that it was everything wonderful in this world and we loved every second of it.
    Read on!