Who We Are

Belonging is when you never have to explain why you belong

Celebration. Inspiration. Pride.

You'll see these three words everywhere. Adopteen is all about celebrating eachother as individuals and as a community, inspiring fellow adoptees and friends in the larger community around us, and taking pride in where we have been, where we are right now, and where we're going. Plain and simple.

Adopteen’s vision has always been threefold:

  • To provide a unique space for teen and young adult adoptees to share and grow without adult interference, perceived or otherwise
  • To provide a variety of programs geared specifically towards the adoption community in the effort of strengthening our community and ourselves
  • To ensure that anyone who wants to participate in Adopteen is able to do so, without hesitation

Started in 2007, Adopteen is a community founded by teens, organized by adoptees, for adoptees, as a reaction to the lack of Chinese adoptee role models and community in our lives, at the time. We are the young adult adoptee "culture" focused on the young adult adoptee experience, having a responsibly irresponsible amount of fun, living loud and doing good.

Our name says "teen", but our original team is now in their 20's and aren't planning on stopping any time soon. Adopteen is a community and a family. You can be 37 or 14, but as long as you're here, you will forever be Adopteen. It's both weird and wonderful! #AFL (Adopteen for life)

Everything we do is led and organized and dictated by teen and young adult adoptees.

Adopteen is a support network. A community where having fun, building relationships, molding leaders, and sharing in the stories of eachother’s lives in a carefree environment are the priorities.

Come hang out! We'll be best friends in no time.

Meet the Executive Team

Meet the Adopteen Committee