Adopteen Leadership Committee

Being undeniably awesome, all the time...

The Adopteen Leadership Committee is the driving force behind everything we do. Adopteen is run by teen and young adult adoptees, for teen and young adult adoptees. The main responsibility of our Adopteen Leaders is to serve as Camp Counselors during our Adopteen events throughout the year, but also to organize and plan each event.

Download the Adopteen Leadership Guidelines: Adopteen Leadership Guidelines

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*Application deadline: March 6, 2017*

  • Organization and planning of workshops and overall event schedules
  • Continuous communication with campers before and after events
  • Setup and takedown of events
  • Maintaining exemplary conduct as representatives of Adopteen outside of and during Adopteen events

**All Adopteen Leadership Committee members must have past experience with Adopteen, whether it be Adopteen Camp-Conferences, AdopTween, or Adoptees Giving Back.**

Download the 2017 Adopteen Leadership Committee Application: I AM READY

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