Adopteen Scholarship Fund

Tell us your story.

The Adopteen Scholarship Fund is here to provide scholarships for those who may otherwise be unable to afford Adopteen’s life-changing programs.  We know that some event fees make our events unattainable for some friends. This hurts our souls.

The Adopteen Scholarship Fund offers:

1 Full Scholarship for each Summer Adopteen Camp-Conference and Midpoint Retreat
2 Half Scholarships for each Summer Adopteen Camp-Conference

Check back in October for information on the 2018 Adopteen Scholarships

The application for Adopteen Scholarships is based on creative media that addresses the multifaceted, ever-changing idea of identity. You are asked to:

  • Download and complete the application form:
    Download Adopteen Scholarship Application Form

  • Choose from two supplemental options to be submitted along with your application:
    • Option 1:  Write an essay (up to 1,000 words) that addresses the following prompt:
      • What do you want to be known for in your life?  
    • Option 2:  Produce a creative piece that you believe best conveys your identity as an adoptee.  This creative piece may be a photograph, video, song, painting, short story, poem, journal entry, or even a dance.  There are no restrictions to what sort of creative piece we are looking for, only that it should encompass your identity as an adoptee. You must also include a short, 100-word evaluation for your piece and include a title.
      • Unconventional Projects: For submissions that are not easily attached to an email, such as a sculpture or other large format pieces, please contact Adopteen at for information on how best to submit your work.

Eligibility and Requirements

Anyone eligible to register for an Adopteen Camp-Conferences may apply for an Adopteen Scholarship. That is to say, any adoptee (regardless of country of origin or adoption agency) over the age of 13 may submit an application. The exception to this rule is any individual currently serving on the Adopteen Leadership Committee. Adopteen Leadership Committee members are not eligible to receive an additional scholarship.

Limit one scholarship per family. Scholarship funds apply only towards the registration fee of the event.

Applicants are encouraged to register for the event that they wish to attend as soon as possible, rather than wait for the results of the scholarship process – If the event reaches its maximum, registration will close, regardless of whether a prospective attendee who has not yet registered, wins a scholarship.