Who We Are

Belonging is when you never have to explain why you belong

Celebration. Inspiration. Pride.

You'll see these three words everywhere. Adopteen is all about celebrating eachother as individuals and as a community, inspiring fellow adoptees and friends in the larger community around us, and taking pride in where we have been, where we are right now, and where we're going. Plain and simple.

Adopteen started out as simple desire to bring our adoptee friends together for a weekend of fun. We wanted to build a different kind of community that wasn't defined solely upon our birth culture, but on the incredibly diverse adoptee culture itself. We were tired of the cultural classes that insisted that learning about dance and calligraphy was all that was needed for adoptees to feel comfortable and confident in themselves. Here we were as teenagers, trying to figure out what we believed in, who we were, and what defined us and cultural classes were just not cutting it.

Adopteen is a non-profit focused on providing the adoptee community with valuable connections and life-affirming experiences through leadership, mentorship, service, and dialogue. Founded in 2007, Adopteen was built by teens, organized by adoptees, for adoptees, as a reaction to the lack of adoptee role models and community in our lives at the time. We were the young adult adoptee "culture" focused on the young adult adoptee experience, having a responsibly irresponsible amount of fun, living loud and doing good. As the years have passed and our faces have grown older, Adopteen still holds these values in our hearts as we strive to serve a wider community through mentorship, outreach, and professional development programming. Our name says "teen", but we are no longer a teen-only organization (don't tell our music playlists). Adopteen is a community and a family and it's both weird and wonderful! #AFL (Adopteen for life)

Come hang out! We'll be best friends in no time.

Everything we do is led and organized and dictated by adoptees.

Meet Your Adopteen Staff