Adopteen & The Park

The Park is now the new home of Adopteen! All Adopteen updates will be available exclusively at beginning May 2021

What is The Park?

Established in January 2019, The Park Adoption Community Center combines CCAI's extensive post adoption support programs that have been in operation since 1996, including Joyous Chinese Cultural School, Adopteen, and MyTaproot under one umbrella. With this exciting move, The Park is ready to provide unparalleled, intergenerational adoption engagement opportunities in cultural education, family support, play therapy, mentorship, and leadership development in the hopes that communities may begin to better understand all facets of adoption and, in turn, build stronger, more sustainable support systems for adoptees and their families.

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What does this mean for Adopteen?

Adopteen will still be providing the same fantastic programming as it has since 2007. This move to The Park will allow us to reach an even larger audience and provide stronger, more sustainable support for the adoptee community! Think of this as Spider-Man joining The Avengers. It's exactly like that.