(ages 9-12)

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What is it?

AdopTween is a chance for young adoptees to start approaching life's crazy adventures and fortify their self-confidence and self-value with the support of peers and with the guidance of older adoptee mentors.

Friendship in Mentorship

AdopTween invites all pre-teen adoptees (ages 9-12) from all backgrounds to engage in some purposeful fun, led through the mentorship of teen and young adult adoptees (ages 14+). AdopTween provides a positive, constructive space for preteen adoptees to meet new friends and share in eachothers stories!

AdopTween invites pre-teen adoptees to engage in fun activities that address various topics that we feel are important to talk about in pre-teen years. Such topics as making good friends, facing your fears, building self-esteem, encouraging self-expression, celebrating your multicultural family, etc. Adoptween is all about friendship and figuring things out with your peers and all of our activities strive to support positive self-identity!

AdopTween is open to ALL adoptees, boys and girls, from any country, ages 9-12!

How can you become an AdopTween Mentor?

So glad you asked! If you are at least 14 years old and interested in becoming an AdopTween Mentor, email us at! We have a bunch of exciting ideas that need your help!

For any other questions about AdopTween, please email