Our Executive Team

"Um, I am not 'Mr. Lebowski'. You're Mr. Lebowski. I'm the Dude." - The Big Lebowski

Your Adopteen Executive Team works behind the scenes with help from the amazing Adopteen Committee to work out the boring details behind the amazing events that you experience every summer, as well as with our partners to bring social opportunities and online content to you year-round!

Meet the Dudes

Director & Co-Founder of Adopteen


Hi! I'm Amy. Although not ourselves adopted, my brother Art and I, raised in the adoption world and linked with thousands of adoptee friends, started Adopteen back in 2007 when we were 18-year-old teenagers, full of angst, with the hopes of building an inspiring and healthy community for adoptees. I am incredibly proud of what Adopteen has become, the impact it has made and continues to make on the adoption community around the world, and all of the incredible people it has brought together. Best job in the world.

I'm 30% useless TV trivia, 25% angsty emo music nostalgia, 20% food-obsessed, and the rest of my energy is spent trying real hard to act my age. If you're ever looking for a travel buddy, I'm always 100% down. Anytime, anyplace...as long as I'm not working or in school...which is very rare, but please try.

If you are meeting us for the first time, I cannot wait for you to explore all of the fantastic programs Adopteen has to offer! Ask us about the Adopteen Camp- Conference or the Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trips or AdopTween. Ask us about what other exciting programs we have in the works! Your wish is our command. Get pumped!

E-mail: amy@adopteen.org

Co-Founder of Adopteen


I am Art. Nice to meet you!

Adopteen is so much more than anything you want to use to describe it. More than just an event or place or person, Adopteen, to me, above anything else, is an experience. It's the whole, deep dish, extra toppings pizza pie.

I currently split my time between Beijing and San Diego. I have a passion for food, travel, and music and invest much of my free time in those three things. As in, I eat too much, cry about all the places I can't afford to visit, and play tons of private concerts for my favorite pillows.

Program Manager


Hey you! I’m Adam.

I’ve been with Adopteen since November of 2014, right after graduating from CU Boulder with a degree in Theatre. While I myself am not adopted, I have five adopted siblings and grew up with almost a hundred more foster siblings throughout my childhood, so I’ve been around adoption almost my entire life. I was super stoked to learn that I could be a part of this awesome program and that Adopteen does so much for the adoption community.

I like good books, good theatre, movies, food, and dogs. So mostly I spend all my free time reading, making pizza, and watching funny dog videos with my wife.

Talk to me. I’m fun.

Program Assistant and Founding Member


Hi Friends! My name is Kate Cruz!

I've been with Adopteen since the very first Camp-Conference (2008!), and it continues to change my life. Adopteen has helped influence who I am, and I’m so happy to be a part of this program that helps so many people. I keep learning a tremendous amount from the program, and its people like you that continue to be my inspiration! Everyone should experience Adopteen and see what we're all about!

I currently live in Boulder, CO., and now I’m back to work for this amazing program! In my free time, I enjoy hiking, hanging out with dogs, going to see movies, and eating delicious food.

Event Coordinator


Hey guys! I'm Hannah and I'm 23 (oh so old, I know). Adopteen has been a huge passion in my life and continues to influence who I am to this day. I am always so excited to see how much Adopteen has grown in the past 8 years and I am proud to say that I have been a part of its amazingness since 2009!
I cannot wait to meet YOU. Whether 2017 is your first Adopteen experience or you already know what we're all about because you plan to grow old with us and stalk our Instagram, 2017 is one for the books. Are you ready, Adopteen??
See you soooooooon!

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