Help Us Out

Adopteen is passionate about doing good and changing lives, in the most tangible way possible.

Adopteen Scholarship Fund

Set up to provide partial scholarships for those who may otherwise be unable to afford Adopteen’s life-changing programs, we are anxious excited to open the Adopteen Scholarship Fund. Please give generously if you feel so inclined!

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Getting Involved

We have a special place in our hearts for orphan outreach. In addition to participating in Adopteen events or serving on our Adopteen Leadership Committee, there are several ways you can help.

    Shop Adopteen!
    10% of every single purchase you make at the Adopteen Shop goes directly towards supporting the orphanages our AGBOST trips have worked with. Shopping with a purpose feels way better than just plain shopping, doesn't it? We think so.
    Donate your artwork!
    You can help design and create products for the Adopteen Shop. Everything in the Adopteen Shop are inspired by Adopteen participants and, like we just said, 10% of every purchase goes directly towards whatever project you choose!
    Coordinate a fundraising project that we can help support as a community and highlight on our website. This can be anything. Garage sale...sock drive...bake sale... You name it and we'll help you out! Whatever money you raise can either go towards our orphan outreach efforts or our Adopteen programs.
    Bring Adopteen to you! If you are committed to hosting an Adopteen Camp-Conference or Adopteen Midpoint Retreat in your area, we can help you make that a reality. If a Camp-Conference is too much, you can still coordinate anything from a 5K run to a camping trip to volunteering at the local soup kitchen. Whatever you decide, we'll help you out!
    Tell your friends!
    Because friends are the best. If your friends are anything like our friends, they want to help out, too! Point them to the Adopteen Shop!