Why We're Important

Adopteen is not a cultural camp. It isn’t a group therapy session. It doesn’t help you with your AP Lit homework or help the cute girl or boy in class notice you... or maybe it might.

Adopteen vs. The World

There is no community out there quite like Adopteen.

Adoptees Only

Everything we do at Adopteen is spearheaded by adoptees. Adoptees hold leadership roles in all of Adopteen’s programs and all Adopteen programs are inspired by Adopteens. It’s a pretty simple concept and we like it a lot. ;)

Face-to-Face Experience

Adopteen is founded on relationships. We are not a social network looking to create a virtual community of adoptees -- although we love that, too. Everyone in the Adopteen family has laughed together, eaten together, competed against eachother, inspired eachother, supported eachother, and cried together. We were actually there. Adopteen’s programs are face-to-face experiences.

Real Friends, Real Support, Real Action

Virtual support is great, but Adopteen is not just a platform or bulletin board. It is not another online space for adoptees to post something for comments. Adopteen is about doing, not talking. Your new friends are actually laughing out loud. Like. You can hear them. Get it? Adoptees are the driving force behind everything we do and inspire everything we do, and we do everything we can to make sure those ideas become reality.

Rooted in the Adoptee Experience

Adopteen is not a program that claims to know the answers. It is not run by “adoption specialists”. Adopteen’s programs are focused on us as individuals, where adoption is only a part of our story, and the experiences that tend to come with that.

The Short Version

Adopteen was started with the simple idea of getting a group of Chinese adoptees to "hang out". Since then, Adopteen has grown into a much larger community with different programs to address the different ages/phases and transitions that adoptees -- not just Chinese adoptees, but ALL adoptees -- will inevitably experience throughout their teenage years and beyond. There are many ways you can get involved with Adopteen. Adopteens various programs give you opportunities to develop leadership skills, get involved in the adoptee community, and participate in outreach for orphans left behind. Adopteen can be life-changing while at the same time giving you an opportunity to impact the lives of others. Adopteen is something you have to experience to truly understand. You'll build life-long friendships, find support, and even inspire others to do the same all while having the time of your life. So, come join us and find out what all the fuss is about!