February Newsletter
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It's a long'n...

Spring, are you there?  We love you...

In This Newsletter:

  • Dance Marathon Fundraiser NEXT WEEKEND!
  • 2016 Committee Announcement
  • Registration for Adopteen Camp-Conferences
  • Registration for Adoptstronauts Moonwalk 
  • New AdopTween location! 
  • 2015 Winter AGBOST Recap
  • 2016 Midpoint Recap
  • Social media rumblings

Dance Marathon

Don't know if you've heard, but we have a Dance Marathon NEXT WEEKEND!  

Register to compete and win amazing prizes as a dancer, or just come dance with us for no incentive (other than fun and good people).  Or, if you don't like dancing/don't wanna dance/are afraid of moving, come support us for an hour or two!  We accept cookies and hugs.  

Can't come, or want to do more? Support our ultimate goal, the Adopteen Scholarship Fund, which hopes to provide full and partial scholarships to all of our programs.


Adopteen Scholarship Fund

Providing scholarships to each of the following programs:

Adopteen Midpoint
Adopteen Camp-Conference
Adoptees Giving Back
AdopTween Denver

We have done the math, and it would take $5,640 EACH YEAR to provide two full scholarships to each program.  Lofty goal, but we'll make it happen.


Adopteen Leadership Committee


Super stoked to announce our new Adopteen Committee!

We will have bios and pictures up in a jiffy on our website, but for now, take a look at who will be making Adopteen happen in 2016!

Event Coordinators:
Ari Liston
Hannah Sutherland

Hannah Anthony
Sarah Anthony
Courtney Billstein
Emily Champion
Elle-Han Collings
Claire Deskin
Ariel Gorsky
Anna Marianchuk
Grace Roane-Hopkins

Vanessa Shu
Quinn Slaton
Levi Sproul
Gracyn Travitz
Jenny Trenchard
Mac West
Meghan White


Adoptstronauts Moonwalk

Let's kick this thing off.  The first Adoptstronauts Moonwalk debuts this Memorial Day weekend, and registration is now open! Download the registration form from our website now!

Beaver Campground
May 28-30


Adopteen Camp-Conferences

DC and BC.  2016.  So excited.  Be a part of Adopteen's international movement this year and see what everyone's talking about!  

Adopteen Vancouver, BC*
June 30-July 4

Adopteen Washington, DC*
August 3-7

*Registration opens February 29!


EXCITING NEWS! The Adopteen Scholarship Fund will give out its first three awards this year - two half-scholarships and one full scholarship to a Camp-Conference will be available this year!  Check back later for details on how to apply.


AdopTween Western Slope

AdopTween is expanding!  Due to popular demand, our favorite program for tweens 9-12 has added a location - Grand Junction, CO!

Expect some more of the same AdopTween goodness with a new flavor.  We're super excited about this program and can't wait to get it kicked off in March!  


Interested in coordinating an AdopTween in your region?  We're currently accepting proposals for new programs!


Winter AGBOST 2015

This year was our first time doing the Adoptees Giving Back - Orphanage Service Trip in the Winter, and it was a great one.  Twelve adoptees dedicated their Christmas holidays to go to China and love and care on children in the Hangzhou City Children's Welfare Institute.  

There are more words in our hearts than in our heads. So we'll just say...One more incredible AGBOST is in the books and it was nothing short of magical, yet again. Thank you to everyone who helped make this trip possible -- donors, travelers, staff, and orphanage staff. The chidren's laughing faces and incredible passion have been forever branded on our hearts.

Winter  ‪#‎AGBOST2015‬  out. What a beautiful end to the year.


Adopteen Midpoint 2016

Adopteen Midpoint 2016 in Conyers, GA was pure magic. In our short 2.5 days, we met so many incredible humans and we miss them all so much.

We want to extend HUGE thank you’s to Audrey, Lily, Chloe, Delaney, and Ivy for going above and beyond their camper duties and helping us scrub down and clean up the camp when they didn’t have to.  True MVP’s!  We also would like to say a thousand thank yous to all of our wonderful volunteer drivers; Tessa and Ned, Craig and Sheila, Janice, and Susan and Michael, who donated their time, energy, and gas mileage to pick up and drop off our campers! 

It was a chillier weekend than we planned, but our hearts were warmed by the fantastic company and we left with 50 new friends and hundreds of stories we’ll never forget.  Coming from 13 different states, Adopteen Midpoint 2016 braved blindfolded cooking, blindfolded dating, a 40-degree paint war, a 32-degree bonfire (yay, embers!), clogged shower drains… and some pretty delicious food, if we do say so ourselves!  We couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend our weekend and end our Winter Break and we cannot wait to see everyone’s faces again this summer.


Hey, we're on Snapchat!

We've entered the year 2016. Follow us on Snapchat!  We think we're pretty funny :)

Just search @Adopteen!

PS: We're still on Instagram, too. #Adopteen, and every week a new adoptee is taking over our account! Wanna be the next one?  Let us know!


Thus concludes this thing. 

Come hangout with us at the Dance Marathon February 27!