March Newsletter

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Exciting News Afoot

It's your favorite time of the month - Adopteen Newsletter time!  Take a look...

In This Newsletter:

·         Adopteen Scholarship Applications Open Now!

·         Adopteen Camp-Conferences

·         Adoptstronauts: Moonwalk

·         Update on AdopTween Western Slope

·         Announcing AdopTween Siblings!

·         Adopteen Shop Spring Cleaning!


Adopteen Scholarship Fund

We are very excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Adopteen Scholarship Fund!  Can't wait to see all the amazing submissions.  

This summer, we will be offering up a full scholarship ($580) and two half scholarships ($290 each) to both Camp-Conferences, for a total of two full scholarships and four half scholarships, or $2,320.

To apply, we are asking anyone that is interested to submit a piece that they believe best conveys their identity as an adoptee.  This could be a video, song, painting, poem, sculpture, short story...whatever you want!  We just want to see it!

Limit one scholarship per family - for a full list of requirements and to apply, click "Apply Now!"



Apply Now!


Adopteen Camp-Conferences

There are still spots left in our Summer Camp-Conferences!  Check out what we have planned and be a part of something special this summer!  We guarantee it's going to literally rock your socks off.  So much sock rocking.


Check out what all the cool kids
are talking about!


Adoptstronauts: Moonwalk

Ah, Moonwalk.  A time to connect with nature, embrace your inner wolf-spirit, and meet other awesome adult adoptees!

We are stoked for this one.  For just $125 small dollars, you too can have the time of your life this Memorial Day weekend.  Camping, hiking, ghost stories around the fire - what more could you ask for?!

(Disclaimer: Small dollars are, in fact, real dollars.  They're not like, Canadian or something) 



Find your wolf-pack




Contact Kathaleen for more info!

AdopTween Western Slope

The amazing people in Grand Junction had their first AdopTween Hangout last month, and it was amazing!  So amazing, in fact, that they just announced their full slate of programming through August of 2016!  If you live in the area, check it out!  

4/9/16 - Spin City from 1-4PM
5/14/16 - Bananas from 1-4PM
6/8/16 - Canyon View Vineyards Rope Course from 1-4PM
7/9/16 - Pool party from 1-4PM
8/13/16 - River Rafting(!) from 1-4PM


AdopTween Siblings

In the past year, we have received requests from multiple families for a program like Big Brothers, Big Sisters, for AdopTween!  We are very happy to announce that we have talked to Adopteen leaders to see if they would be interested in mentoring, and they are super excited to get started!  

AdopTween Siblings focuses on one on one, teen to tween mentorship.  We will match your tween up with a teen mentor in your area that has been vetted by the Adopteen Executive Team.  Once a month, your AdopTween Big Sister or Brother will pick up your tween to hangout with them - whether that's getting ice cream, going to the movies, or playing video games.  It's mentorship through friendship - the entire idea behind AdopTween - only in a much more focused and personal way.  

If you know an adopted tween that would be interested, contact us to learn more and sign up!


Learn More!


Adopteen Shop Spring Cleaning!

Adopteen needs your help, people. We have so much amazing merch, we don't know how to keep it straight.  Let's get rid of some of it! Starting today, and running throughout the month of April, EVERYTHING in the Adopteen Shop is 30% OFF.  Beanies, Sweaters, Shirts, Tanks, EVERYTHING.  

On top of that, if you order over $40 worth of merch, we'll ship it to you for FREE with discount code SPRINGFREE.  

This deal is as good as it'll ever get. Jump on it.  


Save All the Money!



Thus concludes this thing.