Happy New Year, Snooze Button Pushers.

It's 2015 and oh boy, oh boy do we have happenings in store for you!!!

We hope you all closed out your 2014 on a high note.  If you didn't, don't let it get you down!  Instead, take all of that 2014 junk, stuff it in a box, wrap it up tight, and throw it our way.  We will happily take all of your 2014 junkiness and toss it out the window for you to help turn that frown, upside-down. IT'S A NEW YEAR!  New changes and new events and other new newiness are just around the corner!  Are you ready??

Let's do this thing.  


Adopteen Midpoint - Florida

Our 2015 Adopteen Midpoint is happening so soon!  January 16 - 19, 2015, Adopteen will cast anchor in Florida.  We have yearned for this day with bated breath and it is finally upon us, brethren. Rejoice!

The numbers:

  • 48 participants - 42 campers & 6 leaders
  • 3 days of wait for it...awesomeness
  • 3 nights of #radtoorad-sweetness
  • 1 day of "You're a wizard, 'Arry!" magicalness
  • 30975 selfies
  • A bajilliontrilliongrazillion feels and memories

Pack extra socks.

Get it...? Because this thing is going to knock. your. socks. off. Get it?  Do you get it, guys??


Adopteen Camp-Conference Registration Opens


The first of our two summer 2015 Camp-Conferences will be in Denver, CO at the end of June!   What can we say...We just can't seem to stay away from our favorite state.  Come hang out with us in the Mile High for an incredible five days and four nights! Red Rocks is calling your name.  As always, we will provide free airport transportation from Denver International Airport.  We will also provide free hugs. Because you're worth it. (maximum 100 campers)


Denver, CO

Denver, CO
June 19 - 23, 2015
Ages 13 and up


San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA
July 28 - August 1, 2015
Ages 13 and up


We had to move things to SDSU instead of UCSD.  We appologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope that this is not a deal-breaker for anyone!


Our second summer Camp-Conference will be in San Diego, CA!   We've been trying to get over to the West Coast for so long, so we're super stoked that it's finally happening! Come spend five days and four nights with us in Sunny San Diego, soaking up the sun on the beautiful SDSU campus, right in the heart of the city...We can't think of anything nicer.  That's right.  We had to moves things to SDSU instead of UCSD.  We hope that's not a deal-breaker for anyone!  As always, we will provide free airport transportation from San Diego International Airport. You know what else will be free?  The hugs. The hugs will be free. (maximum 100 campers)


Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service - Summer Trip

Applications are now all in and travelers will be notified by January 23rd on the final decisions!  Please trust that we want nothing more than to be able to travel with every single one of you!  If you do not receive an invitation to travel, please don't take it as a rejection.  Apply again.  There is no upper age limit for the AGBOST trips!

This summer's AGBOST travelers will be working their butts off July 8 - 18, 2015.  Wish them luck!


Adopteen Shop 

Our insanely fast-selling Inky Heart Baseball Tee is back in stock in a brand new color option!  If you haven't taken a look at our Adopteen Shop yet, please do!  We have a ton of designs ready and waiting for your love.  Once a design is gone, it's gone for good as we try to bring in new designs with the start of every season!  We promise you don't want to miss out on the insane softness of these shirts. (Just ask the models...)

The Adopteen Shop is open to any and ALL friends of Adopteen who want to help support our life-changing programs.  100% of all purchases help support our Adopteen programs!  Whether you are adopted or not; Help bring celebration, inspiration, and pride to the adoption community at large!  Because shouldn't shopping feel good and be good?

BONUS: Shop the Giveback Collection and 100% of purchases are automatically donated to our orphan care initiatives. 

Pro Tip: For easier browsing, click on specific categories.


So Refreshing Sweatshirt

Wave hello to your freezer from inside the coziest piece of softness you'll ever own.

There is nothing more refreshing than Adopteen.  Like a nice cold popsicle on a hot summer day.


AdopTween Splash Youth Tee

For all of our younger friends in the Adopteen family! Because you're never too young to celebrate, inspire, and be proud of yourself. 

100% of purchases of this shirt will directly support our AdopTween program! 

More AdopTween designs coming this Spring!


Three Mountains Racerback Tank

Three Mountains for our three guiding values. You know them. Now, go tell the world.

Celebration. Inspiration. Pride. #AFL


Things we're working on...

At Adopteen, we are constantly looking for more opportunities to keep the community excited and involved.  Here's what we've been developing...

Something on your mind that we haven't considered yet?  Tell us and we'll try our best to make it a reality!

Adopteen Young Adult Program - for adoptees ages 18+

  • Adopteen Excursions - Ski trips, camping trips, and international vacation trips for adoptees, and possibly non-adoptee friends, ages 18+.  This is closer than you think, ready to debut in late 2015!  

Non-Adoptee Sibling Activities - because we love our siblings and sometimes we feel bad excluding them

  • Still working out the details, but such things as social outings and workshops for siblings ages 13+, with specific activities for each age group

International Adopteen Conference - in an effort to expand our reach and spread our awesomeness

  • A huge undertaking, but we're going to make it happen.  Because we have a TON of friends all over the world and how cool would it be to finally all get to meet face-to-face for a week??


Don't Forget About the Adopteen Scholarship Fund.

How can you help us accomplish all of the exciting programs we have planned for 2015?? Remember the Adopteen Scholarship Fund donation page we introduced back in October?  It's still very much alive and pining for your generous support! 

The Adopteen Scholarship Fund was made to provide partial scholarships for those who may otherwise be unable to afford Adopteen’s life-changing programs. It is our hope that, every year, Adopteen participants will be able to apply for partial scholarships/grants and that we will be able to provide such scholarships and grants.  Many of you know that we have been working towards this for a very long time.  With your help, we hope to be able to provide the opportunity as soon as possible!  But, we can't do it without you!

Help us start the New Year with a bang and consider donating.  Every little bit helps!

Thank you.


Thus endeth our January 2015 newsletter...

See you on the flippy floppy. As in February.  See you in February. Unless you're coming to Midpoint Florida.  Then, we'll see you in FOUR DAYS! :D