March Madness

Friends!  We've missed you!  February flew by us with its super not-so-awesome snow dumpage and below zero temperatures...

But, let's not dwell.  The sun is shining and the birds are almost chirping! It's MARCH!  And we have a whole bunch of madness to share.


Camp-Conference Registration


Registration for our 2015 Adopteen Camp-Conferences is STILL OPEN.  
Come experience all of the awesome changes we've made!

Our Denver, CO Camp-Conference (June 20 - June 24) has a limited number of spaces available, but they do exist and we don't want you to miss out!

Our San Diego, CA Camp-Conference (July 28 - August 1) has a good number of spaces available, so buzz on over to claim your spot!


Winter 2015 
Adoptees Giving Back - Orphanage Service Trip


Applications for our Winter 2015 AGBOST trip OPEN APRIL 6, 2015 at 12 noon MDT.

The Winter 2015 AGBOST will be heading to Zhejiang Province, where it's slightly warmer!  Are you ready?


Adopteen Leadership Committee Applications

Applications for the 2015-2016 Adopteen Leadership Committee open MARCH 20, 2015

This year is a bit different when it comes to our Leadership Committee because we have TWO Camp-Conferences to handle (crazy)!  We will be looking to fill a minimum of 12 Committee spots for each Camp-Conference.  That means, if you are at all interested in serving as a Camp Counselor/Leader for one of our events, PLEASE APPLY! 

You will be able to indicate which Camp-Conference you would like to lead for.  Feel free to apply to both.

Application will be open through April 10th. 


AdopTween Chapters

If you haven't been keeping up, AdopTween is our awesome mentorship program for pre-teen adoptees and older adoptee mentors.

We have been coordinating monthly AdopTween Hangouts here in Denver, CO since 2013 and it has been a blast!  

This year, we want to start branching out.  We have a Starter's Kit -- complete with lanyards, buttons, promotional materials, and a Starter's Guide -- that will help you get an AdopTween chapter started in your area!

Help us spread the AdopTween goodness around the world!  

If interested, please email us!


Fundraising Adoptee Panel

This past Saturday, we put together a quick Adoptee Panel to help promote some new programs we have in the works and fundraise for our Adopteen Scholarship Fund.  

Thank you to our awesome panelists for volunteering to spend their precious Saturdays with inquiring parents to help start a productive conversation!

If you would like to see what questions were asked and what our panelists had to say, a recording of the livestream feed is available at

If you are interested in sitting on a panel for one of our future fundraising events, please let us know with a quick email or phone call!


Calling All Bloggers! 
Guest Adoptee Bloggers for


We have been wanting to start a blog on our website for some time now and we're finally ready to focus on it! We thought it was about time to start having productive, meaningful conversations represented from our own community.

We are asking for any and all submissions for our Adopteen Blog.  Poems, passages, photos, videos, opinion pieces, gifs, name it!  Email if you are interested in submitting something for the blog and we'll let you know what we have in mind!


-- 2015 Calendar --


In case our monthly newsletters aren't enough to help you keep track of all our goings-on, we have made a super helpful Program Calendar for the entire 2015 year for you to reference. :D

If you would like to take a gander, print it out to put on your refrigerator for safe keeping!  

Download it here: 2015 Program Announcement

You may or may not know that Adopteen is run under CCAI.  All of our programs at Adopteen are open to ALL adoptees, no matter what agency you were adopted through, but CCAI is our mothership and they help us out a lot!  This 2015 Program Announcement includes a couple CCAI events that aren't Adopteen-related, but don't let that get you in a tizzy. :)


A Couple Tidbits...

  • As the sun's coming out, make sure you pay our Adopteen Shop a visit to stock up on the coolest t-shirts and tanks around!
  • Our Adopteen Scholarship Fund is so so anxious to start being able to give some amazing individuals a little boost, but we still need your help!  Please keep Adopteen in mind when you find some extra change in your pockets.  We would absolutely LOVE your support!  Share about us with your friends and family members!  Be our champions so that we can be your champions!

Thus endeth this newsletter...


Thank you for catching up with us!  
Float on, float on, space rangers.