May Showers - Part Two

Happy...raintime, you guys!!!  It's been a crazy month full of a little too much rain and clouds for our liking here in Colorado - but that must mean June and July are going to be super sunny, right??

We don't have quite as much info to share with you as we thought we would in this second May newsletter, so stay tuned for more news about Adoptstronauts and the Adopteen Dart Warz fundraiser next month!  There's still plenty of excitement now, though, so without further ado....!


Upcoming Deadlines...(squee!)


Adopteen CO Camp-Conference:

Seriously?  You haven't signed up for this one yet?  We've got a few spots left, but if you want to be on this crazy amazing ride, you better act super fast and register NOW!  

Registration closes on May 31st.

Already Registered?

Good!  Just remember that we need a few things from you, in case we don't already have them:

Payment - If you haven't already paid, please do so ASAP!  Payment is due on May 31st (that's right, this Sunday!)!

Registration papers - We need these by June 14th, either by email, fax at 303-850-9997, or snail mail!

Itineraries - This is most important.  If we don't receive your itinerary by June 14th, we will assume that you are driving, and do not need a ride from the airport.

This Conference is going to be seriously AMAZING!  One more month...


Winter 2015 AGBOST Applications

Thank you to everyone that submitted an application for the 2015 Winter AGBOST!  We are hard at work reviewing those, and everyone should receive decisions by the end of next week (Friday, June 5th).  Watch out, Zhejiang Province!


Adopteen CA Camp-Conference Registration

Have we mentioned how awesome this conference is going to be?  No?  Not enough?  Well then, let's review:

San Diego Zoo:
Pretty much just the most awesome and famous and cool zoo in the entire world. 

TWO Beach Days:
This is what it's all about.  We get to see the beach in all of its glory, TWICE.  You haven't lived until you've done the beach Adopteen style.

AWESOME Activities:
Not to give too much away, but we just might have some professional chefs on board to help us put on our own special Adopteen style cook-off.  Plus Dancing with the Stars and more amazing surprises we have up our sleeves, just waiting for YOU.  

Registration closes at the end of June.  Be there.

CA Registration Deadline: June 30, 2015


Adopteen Leadership Committee:

We are excited to announce that our Adopteen Leadership Committee for 2015-2016 has been finalized!

Hannah Anthony
Emily Backer
Leah Collie
Elle-Han Collings
Claire Deskin
Ariel Gorsky
Katie Maurer
Maggie Maurer
Chloe Mills
Grace Roane-Hopkins
Levi Sproul
Madison Strychalski
Morgan Strychalski
Hannah Sutherland
Jenny Trenchard
Kat Umbach
Kayla Van Horne
Mac West

#StopTheAwkward Project


#StopTheAwkward is Adopteen's way of addressing topics we've been dying to bring up in the adoption community. 

We're proud to announce that we have finally uploaded the first segment of a new project that we're incredibly excited about - the Adoptee Panel!  In these 20-minute segments, our adoptee panelists will give their opinion on topics relevant to the adoption community today.  Have you watched it yet?

We want to continue to make content relevant to the entire adoptee community!  Do you have an idea that you think would be great for the #StopTheAwkward series? Email Amy at


That's it for now...


Things to look forward to in June:

Adopteen Dart Warz Fundraising Event!

Adoptstronauts Launch Party Announcement!