November Newsletter
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November!  It's National Adoption Awareness Month and we're back to give you the low-down of everything going on at Adopteen now and soon!  Now, pay attention:

  • Adoptstronauts Expedition Registration OPEN NOW
  • 2016 Adopteen Committee Applications OPEN NOW
  • 1st Annual Dance Marathon Annual Fundraiser Registration OPEN NOW
  • Adopteen Midpoint Retreat 2016
  • Announcing: Adopteen Hangouts
  • National Adoption Awareness Month



Adoptstronauts: Expedition China 

Registration OPEN NOW!

Registration will close on January 1, 2016 or as soon as we reach our maximum.


Leadership Committee

Applications OPEN NOW!

Applications close on January 1, 2016


Dance Marathon Fundraiser

Registration OPEN NOW!

We will take sign-ups for the Dance Marathon until February 24, 2016


Adoptstronauts Expedition: CHINA


Leadership Committee Applications Open!

Come be a part of something AMAZING!  Applications for the 2016 Adopteen Leadership Committee are NOW OPEN! 

Our Adopteen Committee is the heart and soul of every event that we hold. Committee members must:

  • Be responsible for a group of 8-10 campers throughout a Midpoint or Camp-Conference event
  • Participate in promotional efforts throughout the year
  • Organize and plan workshops and overall event schedules
  • Arrive early and leave later to Midpoint/Camp-Conference events to set up and take down
  • Maintain exemplary conduct as representatives of Adopteen outside of and during Adopteen events

Adopteen Committee members qualify for 50% off any Midpoint or Camp-Conference event that they serve as leaders for. 


1st Annual Adopteen Dance Marathon Fundraiser

When: 8:00 PM February 27, 2016 to 8:00 AM February 28, 2016
Where: Adopteen HQ (Final Location To Be Determined)

We're so excited about this!!!  We hope you are too.  If you aren't, then you're doing it wrong.

Teams (up to 4 participants): $300 minimum fundraising goal
Individuals: $50 minimum fundraising goal
100% of proceeds go toward the Adopteen Scholarship Fund

Come on out and join us for a night of joy and heartwarmth (literally)!  
We need dancers, sponsors, and spectators!  There will be delicious food, raucous games, hyped up jams, and just an overall magical time. 

To donate to the cause:

Adopteen Donation page
Adopteen Dance Marathon Crowdrise page

Visit Adopteen for more details and for a full list of competition rules.

How do I register?

Registration for the 1st Annual Adopteen Dance Marathon Fundraiser will open at on Wednesday, November 11th!

How do I fundraise?

There are tons of great ways you can raise your $50/$300 (or more!).  You can hold a bake sale, organize a book exchange, shovel your neighbor's driveway...the world is your oyster!  Whatever you decide to do, ask your kindly patrons to make donations to your cause!

Donation checks should be made payable to Adopteen, with memo: [your name]'s Dance Marathon.  This way, we can keep track of your amazing fundraising efforts!

If you want to fundraise with us and track your donations, you can visit our campaign page on Crowdrise.  From there, you'll click on "Fundraise for this Campaign", make yourself an account (all you need is an email and password), and click "Join the Team"!


Adopteen Midpoint Georgia

Registration is filling up fast for our favorite middle-of-the-year event! 
Hurry and save your spot!

January 16-18, 2016
Camp Westminter
Conyers, GA


Registration Fee covers all accommodations (feel free to arrive Jan. 15th after 5pm), meals, and activities


Adopteen Hangouts!


People have been asking us for quite a while about hosting more frequent Adopteen events, and now we have an answer!  We are stoked to announce our new series of Adopteen Hangouts for Colorado.

Hangouts are for ALL adoptees age 13+, and will happen once every couple of months in various locations across Colorado.  See our schedule below and visit Adopteen for more details! 

Registration for Adopteen Hangouts will open in December.

Want Hangouts in your area?  Let us know!  We are looking for people to sponsor Hangouts across the WORLD - give us your ideas and we'll put our advertising and support behind them!  
Email us!


National Adoption Month

It's National Adoption Month!  Show your amazing adoption awareness this month by donating to Adopteen at!

In celebration of the occasion, you can get 15% off at the Adopteen Store using promo code YAYADOPTION all month long!  Visit today! 


Thus concludes this thing. 

2016 looks good on us.

You can bet your cherry soda we'll have even more amazing fun to share with you next month.