(ages 18+)

Our Space Program.

You’re an adult. You don’t need structured activities or people telling you what to do. Adopteen Camp-Conferences might not be for you anymore. But we’re all still looking to make friends.

That’s where Adoptstronauts comes along.

Adoptstronauts brings together adoptees 18 and over to meet their Wild Bunch, Ghostbusters, Breakfast Club, Justice League...

We hate to admit it, but we're all growing older - going to college, graduating college, getting jobs, moving out, and ultimately outgrowing our conference craziness.

As an adult, you want to hang out with people your "own age" – that’s understandable. Let’s embrace the unique adult you, and, at the same time, go on some epic, life-changing adventures together! Whether we’re backpacking around a country, camping on a scenic mountaintop, or grabbing dinner for an evening of conversation, we'll see you out there.