2017 Adoptstronauts Retreat
June 17-19, 2017

Registration Fee: $150/Camper
for adoptees ages 18+ and their friends/siblings/cousins,etc

Boulder, Colorado

Registration for the 2017 Adoptstronauts Retreat is NOW OPEN:
To register, email info@adopteen.org
Include your name, birthdate and name and birthdates of your guests

Release forms are required for all participants and all participants must be 18+
Download the registration and medical release forms and email them to info@adopteen.org or mail to Adopteen offices.

Registration deadline: May 19, 2017

We're going up to beautiful Boulder, CO right before our Denver, CO Adopteen Camp-Conference for some 18+ time - it's gonna be a blast. We're renting a cabin to get some serious nature time in, while also exploring classic Boulder traditions and having all the fun away from the kids.

Friends, family, siblings, cousins, etc are all welcome to join the fun this time around, so invite anyone that you've always wanted to introduce to Adopteen!

Check out our program schedule to see what we're doing all weekend!